Last week went by quickly again. 

At first we had a really warm welcome at the LMV school. We got to meet all the children and even filled in a class of a sick teacher. 

We also got to meet a few people at kuart (kathmandu university school of arts center for art and design). We got a little tour around, and saw an exhibition of the students. It was very impressive to see what they are building up again after the floods from a month ago. Also we got an invite to do a workshop next month.  

Further on this week Amber was taking place at a ‘Let’s Read! project’ from the Asia Foundation, while Marleen was doing a lot of research for the mini-library project. 

Let’s Read! empowers underserved communities to build digital libraries in their own languages and enables even remote populations to access books via mobile devices and print options. *If you would like to read more about the Let’s read project click this link. 

At the end of the week we took an 8 hour trip to Pokhara to take place at The Innovation in Education Fair. The Innovation in Education Fair (IEF) is a forum for educational professionals to discuss how to make the teaching and learning practices in Nepal more engaging, meaningful, and memorable for students and teachers. We got to meet a lot of people and help out with the creative workshops. 

Next week more! 

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From now on we start writing in English,
so our friends from Nepal can enjoy our journey as well.

Last week we have been doing a lot!

On monday we were invited to take a look at Srijanalaya which is a non-profit organization in Patan.

Srijanalaya’s mission is to create safe spaces of learning through arts. Every child needs to have access to a safe haven, where it can be heard and express itself freely. And we are very proud and honored to give some workshops here in the next few months.

Tuesday we were introduced to LMV (Lalitpur Madhyamik Vidhyalaya). This is a secondary school were we will start doing workshops about the importance of books and reading. They also opened a little library at the school that morning, yeay!

In the mean time we are very busy working on the book project. We were invited to take a look at a local printing company were we talked to a few artist, illustrators and writers.

Furthermore we are absolutely delighted about the fact that we are going to make our own book with poems of Chirag Bangdel and illustrations of our own Amber.

We’ll keep in touch!

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Moniek WegdamFoto: Moniek Wegdam

Met gepaste trots stellen wij Mark Janssen voor aan onze volgers, sponsoren en sympathisanten .
Kinderboekenschrijver en illustrator .Per 1 augustus 2017 mogen wij samen met Mark het enthousiasme van de stichting Thang naar buiten toe vertegenwoordigen.
Zie voor meer info over Mark en zijn werk:
markjanssenillustrator Instagram


Mark Janssen accepts ambassadorship for Thang Foundation.

We are extremely proud to introduce Mark Janssen as our new ambassador to our followers, sponsors and supporters. Mark Janssen is a renowned children’s books author and illustrator. Together with Mark we will represent the enthusiasm of the Thang Foundation to the world from the first of Augsust, 2017.

See for more info about Mark and his work:

Instagram: markjanssenillustrator

Bibliotheek kastje


Wij zijn helemaal Blij / Trots om jullie het bibliotheek kastje te kunnen laten zien !!!
Om de tijd te overbruggen totdat er genoeg sponsor geld is om de bibliotheek bus te realiseren hebben wij het bibliotheek kastje in ons project opgenomen !
De bedoeling is dat kinderen op afgelegen plekken in de gelegenheid worden gesteld om leesboekjes uit het kastje te halen / lenen.
De bouwtekening is al onderweg naar Nepal.
De kastjes worden door plaatselijk handwerkers gemaakt tegen een tarief dat in Nepal gebruikelijk is.
Met uitgevers van Kinderboeken ( in Nepal ) zijn wij in gesprek voor het vullen van de kastjes met boeken.
U kunt U ” eigen ” biebje sponsoren en van ons krijgt U te horen op welke plek het door U gesponsorde kastje staat.

Kosten € 225 per kastje.
Onder vermelding van Mini-bieb.
NL 98TRIO 0338623043


We are so delighted to show you our little Library Bookcase project.

We have launched this project to already start with a little reading project until we have collected enough funding to realise our ‘Driving Library’. 

The goal of this Library Bookcase project is that children in Nepal get the opportunity to lend books from these little bookcases in remote areas. At this moment the construction drawing for the bookcase is on its way to Nepal, where local craftsmen will build these cases for a normal Nepali salary. We are in contact with several publishing houses of children’s books in Nepal, to fill our bookcases with nice children’s books. 

We warmly invite you to sponsor ‘your’ own Library Bookcase, for the minimal price of 225 euros. After the placement of the bookcase you will get informed about where your bookcase is providing children’s books to children who, without your help, would never had access to reading different books.

At a cost of € 225 per box.
Under the entry of Mini-library.
NL 98TRIO 0338623043

Thang Benefiet Festival

Een kleine sfeerimpressie van een geweldige dag!


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Thang Benefiet Festival & Small Bazar

24 juni organiseert Stichting Thang samen met Lokaal 25 en Amber Delahaye illustratie het leukste kleine Benefiet Festival van Heerlen!

Overdag kun je lekker rondstruinen op de Small-Bazar bij Lokaal 25. Spelletjes spelen, stoepkrijten en allerlei leuke dingen doen op het Schelmenhofje. Naar het theater met de kleintjes in de Nieuwe Nor. En om het allemaal af te sluiten is er ’s avonds ook nog een dikke afterparty in de Nieuwe Nor met allemaal vette bands!

Het mooie van alles is dat de opbrengst naar Stichting Thang gaat!

On June 24 the Thang Foundation together with Lokaal 25 and Amber Delahaye Illustration organises the sweetest and smallest charity festival of Heerlen!

During the day you can wander around on the Small-Bazar at Lokaal 25. Playing games, decorating the streets with cryons all lots of other fun stuff to do on the Schelmenhofje. Or go the the theatre with your little ones in de Nieuwe Nor. And to finish the day in style, there will be a nice afterparty with lots of cool bands in the Nieuwe Nor.

And the beauty of this festival is that the proceeds go the Thang Foundation!