From now on we start writing in English,
so our friends from Nepal can enjoy our journey as well.

Last week we have been doing a lot!

On monday we were invited to take a look at Srijanalaya which is a non-profit organization in Patan.

Srijanalaya’s mission is to create safe spaces of learning through arts. Every child needs to have access to a safe haven, where it can be heard and express itself freely. And we are very proud and honored to give some workshops here in the next few months.

Tuesday we were introduced to LMV (Lalitpur Madhyamik Vidhyalaya). This is a secondary school were we will start doing workshops about the importance of books and reading. They also opened a little library at the school that morning, yeay!

In the mean time we are very busy working on the book project. We were invited to take a look at a local printing company were we talked to a few artist, illustrators and writers.

Furthermore we are absolutely delighted about the fact that we are going to make our own book with poems of Chirag Bangdel and illustrations of our own Amber.

We’ll keep in touch!

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  1. Veel succes dames.We volgen jullie dagelijks.Amber:we zijn trots op je😍

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